Almond Sugee Cake- small bar
Almond Sugee Cake- small bar
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Almond Sugee Cake- small bar

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Measures 2" x 5.5". Comes wrapped.

Every Eurasian family has their own heirloom Sugee recipe that's such a mainstay that the cake is practically a member of the family; present at every single celebration, party or even the tiniest of gatherings!

And as with traditional recipes, each family has their own variation- a preferred texture, colour and taste unique to their own. This is D's grandfather's recipe adapted through the times. It's buttery rich, nutty, has a great bite to it, yet not at all dense.

When's the best time to have Sugee cake? Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and any time in between. Have it warm and that almond-y aroma is irresistible!

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