Chocolate Lover- Set of 3
Chocolate Lover- Set of 3
Chocolate Lover- Set of 3
Olsen Bakehouse

Chocolate Lover- Set of 3

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Sometimes it's alright to stay in your comfort zone...

Chocolate's always been my go to choice growing up. In my mind, you'd never go wrong with choosing chocolate.

This set is specially for chocolate lovers like myself, always "attempting" to consider other options, yet we'd ultimately choose comfort in chocolate.

Each of these slices feature chocolate in different forms; in our Milo cake, we use cocoa in our batter & a sauce topping, in our Banana cake, it's a velvety homemade hazelnut spread, and in our Chocolate Oreo cake, it's in the cake & as a rich chocolate ganache! 

This set of 3 consists of:
1 slice of Milo 
1 slice of Chocolate Oreo
1 slice of Banana Cake with homemade Nutella

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