Banana Hazelnut Sliced Cake (Vegan)
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Banana Hazelnut Sliced Cake (Vegan)

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You would not believe this banana-loaded cake is egg-free and dairy-free too! That’s why it's so rich in flavour because it really is mostly made up of bananas! :D

Moist. Soft. Bursting with all-natural banana flavours. And that's not all, we pair it with our homemade hazelnut spread made siew dai and topped with roasted hazelnut crumbs. No compromise with flavours, and a lot less sugar than most others & no nasties.

Now, we've even upsized this slice to make it a wholesome portion perfect for sharing, or choose to keep it all to yourself- no one's judging!

Note: while this cake does not contain eggs nor dairy, our kitchen processes them for other bakes. As such it would not be suitable for people with allergies to dairy or egg products.

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