Same day whole cake/ slices orders? Call/ whatsapp us at 8891 5819!
Same day whole cake/ slices orders? Call/ whatsapp us at 8891 5819!
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About Us

Through the years we understand ourselves better and before long, we were living by these values. We hope these words can articulate the attitude we hold as your friendly local bakers.

Having Heart in all that we do

We put a lot of care and thought into the work that we do. We bake with honesty, using all natural fresh ingredients, making our cakes siew dai, in a way that we would bake if we were feeding our parents and children. In our every interaction with you, we hope you can experience our thought, care & best effort that we put forth for you everyday.

Cakes for Cheer

We want to celebrate life with you. Cakes are a symbol of cheer and we want to bring that to you and your loved ones. Be it to you or to be your messenger of love, we hope our cakes brings light wherever they go, that these carefully baked cakes can send messages of light, hope & gratitude. Beyond celebrations, we are deeply passionate about providing support & a safe space to share personal experiences & uplift your spirits through our social media platforms.

May we all do our bit to spread peace, joy and kindness in little ways!

Celebrate Local

We believe that our brand should be additive to this world. How can we bring more to the cake culture at home? We live on an island full of its own unique flavours & fresh ingredients. We want to use our favourite medium - cakes! to bring out the beautiful flavours of the place we live in! Beyond cakes, we hope to celebrate the beautiful humans and crafts of this island bringing friends, inspiration and crafts all made here, by the people here.




We would love to hear from you! Let us know what you think. We will always want to better ourselves, and you are the best person to help us, so we can continue to delight you and your loved ones and celebrate more precious moments with you.

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Reach us at or leave us a message on Facebook, Instagram! Wherever is the most convenient for you.


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