We get asked these questions often, and we thought you might be wondering the same too! So here’s a bunch of questions and answers that you might find useful to kickstart ur first #CakesforCheer experience with us!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pre-order?

Yes, you can do so via olsenbakehouse.com. We only take orders via the website at this point. Pre-orders are strongly encouraged so that you'll be able to secure the flavour/ cake you love!


Can I walk-in?

Yes you can between 11am - 4pm. However it would be based on the day's availability. For same day whole cakes/ slices, please call/ whatsapp us at +65 8891 5819 to enquire about availability for the day. We recommend that you contact us prior to avoid disappointment!


How to order?

Via olsenbakehouse.com only. Due to the volume of orders versus the size of our tiny team, its the only channel we are taking in orders at the moment to help us better focus on making more cakes for you, so we are not taking manual orders or customised cakes at the moment.

You can order earliest 14 days before or, up to 1 day before your delivery/pickup date. At checkout you can select the date you prefer at the calendar. any day within the next 14 days should show up on the calendar. If you place an order after 10.15am, the earliest you can get it is 2 days later :)

We restock at 9am except Mondays daily. If there is a specific item you like to get we recommend the best time to try is 9am Tues to Sun with 1-14 days lead time :)


if the items are listed as out of stock, how do I get them?

We restock our website daily at 9am (except Mon, our only off day) for next day pickup/delivery.

You can check back in the next day as this is the only channel where we are taking in orders at the moment! :) We currently have only 2 bakers and will list as many as the team can possibly bake! Hope to bake for you soon!


I would like to place a new order. How can i do so?

At 9am sharp, cart out the items you like and select a date on the calendar! it will show you available dates that we can bake for. You can select any date that is 1-14 days from the day of your order, to receive your cakes! :)

Do note that we don't reserve at the cart, the fastest person to complete the check out process, including payment secures the cakes.


Are your bakes halal certified?

Our cakes aren't halal certified. Having said that, we are a vegetarian & vegan bakery, so all our bakes do not contain pork, lard nor alcohol and are baked in our dedicated kitchen space.


Do you have kid-friendly options?

We use nothing but all-natural ingredients in all our cakes as we would bake for our loved ones- so u wouldn’t find any additives, artificial seasonings/ flavourings. Our bakes are also intentionally made siew dai (less sweet), nicely balanced so that the kiddies aren’t getting a full-blown sugar high.

We'd encourage you to add on cake toppers like paper cutouts, figurines & design candles that provide the 'WOW' effect without compromising on taste nor give a sugar overload! Reach out to us, we're happy to link you up with our trusted partners!


What time can I pick up my order?

Please come by anytime between 11am to 4pm, on your order collection date.


What is the delivery charges like? 

It’s $5.50 for most locations and $15.50 for outskirts like Sentosa, Tuas, Lim Chu Kang and Changi Airport.

We send orders out flexi-time anytime between 10am to 6pm, we try our best to send it to you early, between 10am- 3pm as much as possible! However, on peak days (Fridays to Sundays) deliveries may stretch up to 6pm. 


Is there a minimum value for orders?

We require a $15 value for online orders, alternatively you may do a walk-in for orders less than the minimum value.


How can I collect my cake?

Collection at Olsen Bakehouse, 462A Crawford Lane #01-73 Singapore 191462

We only have 1 shop. Please take note. 


Or delivery $5.50 (or $15.50 if its the outskirts, see above)

You can indicate your preference whether pick up or delivery when checking out your order.


How long can I keep the cakes for?

Cakes are good for 3 days in airtight containers, fridged. They best consumed at ROOM TEMPERATURE. So please take them out of the fridge 1hour before consuming! :) Let it soften as butter would after a while, and it would be divine!

If you plan to keep them any longer - i don't know where you get your resistance skills from - you can freeze them in airtight container for up to 2 weeks. Defrost it overnight in the fridge when you are ready to have them.


What are your top sellers?

Our pandan cake flavours:

Ondeh-Ondeh, our first and most popular flavour & Orh Nee.

My personal recommendation:

Pulut Hitam, inspired by J’s mother!

Our Yakun-inspired cake: Kopi pandan peanut butter is also a crowd favourite! Inspired by our favourite set to order in Yakun! - Once D & J had this same set for breakfast for 3 months straight!


What is the weight of your whole cakes?

All cakes weigh differently for the exact same size! So instead of weighing, we measure our cake sizes based on serving size. We have 2 available sizes: The 5.5" whole cake serves up 6-8 generous slices, while the 8" whole cake serves up to 15 slices.

Our customers always tell us when they order our cakes that #ITBYnoleftovers . Other than the fact that its easy to eat and less sweet, our size guide is designed for small after dinner estimate serving sizes :)


There is an error when i tried to place my order online. What can i do?

We are so sorry for the experience! 

We’ve tried our best to make the ordering process as seamless and smooth for you guys as we can! If you are unable to do so for any reason, we would love to help you with it! :) 

Drop us an email, or DM us on IG with your full name & cake order! (Best if you took a screenshot of it) so we can help you with this and rectify the error to ensure we serve everyone to our best ability! Thank you for telling us!

Please refrain from sending multiple requests across different channels - we reply the oldest messages first! You should get a reply in 24 hours of a working day. :) 


Have more questions?

Contact us via

IG, FB DMs or call/ whatsapp us at +65 8891 5819

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